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YES Partnership / Consensus Building

As a preliminary prerequisite, the DOLE Regional Offices shall partner with the educational institution- EI (higher educational and technical/vocational institutions) local government units (LGUs), government organizations (GOs), non-government organizations (NGOs), and concerned individuals/property owners in their respective areas of jurisdiction to solicit consensus, commitment/support for the YES Project.

This phase shall involve the preparation and dissemination of communications and conduct of series of meetings with the target partners with the end in view of paving the way for the eventual signing of a Memorandum of Agreement. Said MOA shall forge the commitments of the stakeholders for the eventual implementation of the WYC/YES Program in the region.


YES Buddies Identification & Entrepreneurship Formation

Upon the signing of the MOA, the EI partners are given the task to facilitate the identification, screening and organization of their graduating students or graduates of agriculture-and fishery-related courses, including those in ladderized courses, into YES groups.

To ensure the smooth implementation flow and monitoring of the YES project, the EI shall take into consideration factor of same locality and proximity of the project site to the prospective beneficiaries’ residence in organizing the group.

Once organized, the DOLE Regional Office and EI shall provide the YES buddies with relevant training and guidance to prepare them in their entrepreneurship project. Said capability exercises shall include but are not limited to the following courses:

  • Leadership and value formation;
  • Basic management;
  • Enterprise development and management;
  • Marketing strategies;
  • Basic bookkeeping and accounting;
  • Advocacy and social mobilization; and
  • Preparation of business plan.


Business Plan Preparation, Finalization & Acceptance

The major output of this phase is the formulation of a workable business plan that the target beneficiaries shall prepare under the guidance and supervision of the EI. The EI shall assist the YES Buddies in fine-tuning the YES Buddies business plan or project proposal, recommend to the DOLE Regional Offices for approval.


Partners’ Deliberation Commitment pledging & MOA signing

The MOA, once signed, shall define the roles and responsibilities of the signing parties. It shall signal the forging of partnerships, which will include the commitment of time of key personnel to be deployed, the cooperation as well as the commitment of resource counterparts. Said forging likewise signals the commencement of the implementation of the YES project. One MOA has to be institutionalized per EI basis.

The responsibility of providing land or coastal area, as project site to the beneficiaries shall be lodged with the LGU, which has jurisdiction over the area where the project site is located. As much as possible, idle public lands shall be the priority sites for the project. Where no public lands are available, private landowners will be tapped as partners to allow the use of his or her property under a usufruct arrangement.


Business Plan Approval For Funding

Upon receipt of the EI approved business plan, the DOLE Regional Office shall schedule a meeting with the landowner/LGU, prospective beneficiaries and partner EI to finalize the implementation arrangements for the project. He shall likewise conduct an ocular inspection of the project site to check the project’s feasibility and its site proximity to the residences of the beneficiaries. The Regional Director has the discretion to reject, recommend changes and approve said project proposal.

Deserving YES buddies are those whose business plan has passed the evaluation criteria of the DOLE Regional Office and the EI. Capital assistance shall be provided to deserving YES buddies through the EI/accredited co-partner. The seed capital shall be initially sourced from the DOLE Capacity Building for Specific Sectors funds lodged at the DOLE Regional Offices.

The DOLE Regional Office shall process the requirements, prepares voucher, grants check to EI/accredited co-partner in tranches for the project beneficiaries.


Business Plan Implementation

In the duration of the YES project, the DOLE Regional Office and the EI shall continuously tap the assistance of other government agencies such as the Department of Agriculture including its Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Science and Technology in technology enhancement, product packaging, marketing strategies and other business needs of the group.

The EI shall, as much as possible, shall assist the beneficiaries in looking for markets of the beneficiaries’ products. It shall link the youth beneficiaries to big companies and business undertakings in marketing their products.

The DOLE RO monitors the project implementation thru visits and reports received from the SUC/PEI.


YES Resources Sustainability

As the Young Entrepreneurs have developed their capability to manage the project by themselves, they shall be "weaned from" the supervision of the YES implementation team.  Having shown her/his capability as an entrepreneur, she/he may be tapped as a volunteer to contribute to the sustainability of the YES and provide advisory service, technical assistance, funds or other resources.  In the long term, the YES partners can use these resources, specially the funds, to groom other youth as entrepreneurs.

Sustainable project could be determined based on its good business practices, additional workers hired, regular market of products/services and income.

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